The Best Business Brains Do This When People Panic

[email protected] | March 12, 2020

All of us at FieldPulse are witnessing dramatic news emerge daily about the coronavirus and the economic impact of the outbreak. Some of us are racing to the store to hoard toilet paper. Some of us are laughing at those hoarders. The range of thoughts and emotions is wide at the moment. FieldPulse is open for business and remains committed to helping yours.

So what questions should contractors and field service operators have about this major event, and how should we navigate the turmoil as business owners? Below are some of our team’s collective thoughts on how to survive and thrive in times of uncertainty.

Ask a Lot of Questions, and Look for Answers

Most tradesmen we encounter spend a good chunk of their time diagnosing problems and evaluating a range of solutions. The same approach applies to this event. We should always start with safety. Many of us are following the news for information about how the virus spreads, which precautions work, and what to do should you come into contact with the virus. A savvy mind will know that some information many be dependable and some information could be sheer unconfirmed rumor. Always be alert and keep an open mind. Some news might sound appealing, either for its overly optimistic or over pessimistic nature. The key is to take it all in and evaluate it.

But common sense obviously dictates that if someone on your team is feeling ill, it is probably best to avoid exposing them to other team members, customers, and suppliers. Your business relationships will appreciate your cautious but non-alarmist approach.

Certain events will be happening in the market. Other businesses are now struggling with decisions on whether to send employees on travel. One of our team members had already boarded her flight yesterday and watched a fellow passenger jump off the plane before the door closed because his employer had just announced suspended travel by email. Use common sense. Play your part as a business owner to keep people safe.

All of this involves seeking the right answers to the right questions and being patient enough to wait for solid information.

Keep the Long Term in Mind

A pandemic is a dramatic thing, and while certainly many will suffer, most people still think that the damage will not last for years and years. There are shrewd risk-takers who take advantage during times of uncertainty. Others simply take the opportunity to prepare for their next stage of improvement.

As a service business, there is no way you’ll avoid face to face interactions. But your business may still be able to become more virtual moving forward, saving you substantial money in the long run. Just like big technology companies have remote employees and continue to move in that direction, you can think about how to save time and money by going paperless, managing dispatch with location-based technology, and handling your entire quote-to-cash process virtually. It may be reassuring to tell a nervous customer that you won’t have to come near an agent because their entire interaction with your business can be done on a device and 20 feet away from a tech. This social distancing mentality may persist long after the virus has made its way through the global population.

In short, taking this opportunity to think about what your business needs to work well in the future sets you up for more success than waiting until things are busy or back to normal.

Actions to Take Today

Improving your business to be more virtual and more automated is an extremely smart move in 2020. Of course at FieldPulse, our mission is to do just that for you.

FieldPulse provides the easiest business management software platform to buy. Some job management apps charge hundreds of dollars per user, a staggeringly large amount of money to pay for software. FieldPulse is the most competitively priced solution.

It is also easy to setup and easy to use. Our reliable onboarding process gets you seeing value almost immediately. And finally, we’ve agonized over every aspect of our app, making sure that it is simple and easy for both managers and the field agents who use the software.

We invite you to try FieldPulse FREE for 14 days. You’ll get to know our small team and we look forward to getting to know yours.

Final Thoughts

Like you, many of us at FieldPulse have had the honor of working for some great business leaders and mentors in our trade. We have seen these great men and women tackle economic challenges with a cool, clear head and prospered greatly as a result. We wish the same for your business as we navigate these uncertain waters. We’re ready for the work ahead and look forward to your success.

Try FieldPulse FREE for 14 Days

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