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FieldPulse | January 13, 2020

best plumbing software

Have you looked at your options and discovered the best plumbing software and apps available?

Plumbers stay busy. From manual calculations to writing invoices and managing your business, there’s a lot that can eat into your time. Fortunately, there are now a variety of useful plumbing software and apps that plumbers can use to streamline their business and get back their time.

The Best Plumbing Software and Apps

Below are some of the best plumbing software and apps we’ve found, whether you’re managing a business or completing your day to day work:

  • Plumbing Formulator
  • FieldPulse
  • Quick Plumber
  • Code Snap UPC
  • Pipe and Fitting
  • Plumbing Systems Design Tables
  • Code Snap Fitting TakeOff
  • Pipe Trades Pro Calculator

Plumbing Formulator

This app includes over 120 formulas and calculators for plumbers and HVAC technicians as well as dozens of plumbing charts. Formulas range from simple calculations, like square feet to square inches, to the more complex. For instance, you can calculate the efficiency of pumps or find the final temperature when two bodies of water are mixed. You can even save your most commonly used formulas in the app for quick access or print and email them to yourself directly from the app.

Formulas include:

  • Pipe weights including cast iron, steel, and copper
  • Pressure of pipe
  • Water horsepower
  • Chase width and depth
  • Total fall
  • Optimum water flow
  • Velocity of water
  • BTU input
  • And much more

Plumbing Formulator is free and available on iOS.


FieldPulse is an all-in-one field service application that allows plumbers to manage their entire business from one app. Create estimates and send invoices directly from your phone. Take payments on the spot. Set up templated emails and SMS to alert customers you’re on the way or follow up after a job for more sales or reviews. Map out your calls for the day with the fastest routes and assign technicians based on their relatively location.

It’s also simple to personalize the app and make it intuitive for your team with custom fields, forms, and item repositories. Finally organize information in a way that makes sense for your business’ unique needs.

Features include:

  • Customized estimates and invoicing
  • Invoice, billing, tax, and markup calculators
  • Customer database
  • Cost-basis tracking / profit analysis
  • Electronic payments and signatures
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Task management and assignments
  • File and photo attachments

FieldPulse is available on both iOS and Android, with a web browser app for office users starting at only $39 per month.

Quick Plumber

Simple but handy. This app performs a number of simple plumbing calculations. Calculate angles, offsets, and rolling offsets instantly.

Calculations include:

  • Add/subtract measurement
  • 45° offset
  • 45° rolling offset
  • 22.5° offset
  • 22.5° rolling offset
  • 60° offset
  • 60° rolling offset

Quick Plumber is free and available on Android.

Code Snap UPC

The Code Snap app is a quick reference guide for plumbers to search through The Uniform Plumbing Code and keep their work consistent with national standards. It includes hundreds of pages of information, calculators, color-coded tables, and more. Save calculations on the app. Explore systems and layout guidelines with interactive tutorials. And, ultimately, cut back on the time needed to look up information and get work done.

Features include:

  • Water, waste, bracing, fuel, and med gas calculators
  • Pipe bracing for common materials
  • BTUs for common fixtures
  • Drain, vent, trap arm, and clean out sizing
  • And much more

Code Snap UPC is $7.99 and available on iOS.

Pipe and Fitting

Pipe and Fitting is one of the most complete pipe fitting apps available. It provides dimensions and information for piping and accessories as well as numerous calculations. Check pipe dimensions, material, strength, clamps, and more with just a few clicks.

Pipe and Fitting is free on Android.

Plumbing Systems Design Tables

The Plumbing Systems Design Tables is an app created by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE). Its information covers over 2,500 pages of information and is one of the most comprehensive plumbing system sizing tools available with calculators, pipe material references, and much more. With this app, plumbers can obtain information directly from the International Plumbing Code or the Uniform Plumbing Code and reference multiple design tables, various systems, calculators, and plumbing materials.

Features include:

  • Calculators like IP and SI pressure conversions
  • Formulas like Manning’s equation, Boyle’s law, and the Colebrook formula
  • Available piping material options like ABS, PEX, Stainless steel, Copper, and PVC
  • Data for numerous types of plumbing systems including domestic hot and cold water distribution systems, venting systems, and storm drainage systems

A limited version of the Plumbing Systems Design Tables app is available on Android for free. The full version, meanwhile, is only available to members of ASPE.

Code Snap Fitting TakeOff

Code Snap Fitting TakeOff allows plumbers to access drain waste and vent fitting dimensions. The app includes over 60 DWV fittings and links to manufacturer fitting catalogs. Stay organized with color-coding and customizable tabs you can organize based on information you most commonly reference.

Features include:

  • Screen size Ruler
  • Fittings Included – 90’s, 45’s, 22’s, 60’s, SanTee’s, Wye’s, P-Traps, Closet Flanges
  • Most Common No Hub Cast Iron Fitting Dimensions
  • Most Common ABS & PVC Fitting Dimensions

Code Snap Fitting TakeOff is $4.99 and available on iOS.

Pipe Trades Pro Calculator

This app is a cheap but equally powerful alternative to Pipe Trades Pro’s physical calculator. This robust calculator solves pipe layout and design problems, including weight/volume conversions, flow rates, pressures, and numerous other calculations. The app is also packed with tons of references and gives users the ability to save files and set preferences.

Features include:

  • Fitting Angles, Bends, Slopes, Percent Grades, Drops
  • Cut Lengths, Take-outs and Odd-Degree Fittings
  • Flow Rates, Velocity, Force, Volumes
  • Pressure Loss for any Pipe Size, Type, or Distance
  • Built-in Pipe Data for materials like Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Plastic, Copper

Pipe Trades Pro Calculator is $24.99 and available on both iOS and Android.

Streamline your business with the best plumbing software and apps

With these tools, you can focus on streamlining your business and getting back to what really matters: improving your business. For instance, instead of jotting down manual calculations you can complete them with a few taps on your phone. Instead of wasting time after jobs are finished jotting down services and materials on invoices and and calculating totals, you’ll be able to pull from common line items on apps like FieldPulse and complete invoices in a snap. These simple changes will add back hours of time onto your week that you can use to grow your business or take some much needed time off.

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