FieldPulse Payments Launches to Get You Paid Faster

FieldPulse | September 11, 2018

FieldPulse Payments AnnouncementManaging cash flow and getting paid are significant challenges for contractors. Many companies still rely on cash and checks for a majority, if not all of their payments. The reality is that today’s customers expect to be able to pay with credit cards. Cards are accepted almost anywhere, so why can’t their service provider take their card for payment?

The FieldPulse Team is extremely excited to share that in partnership with a leading payment processor, FieldPulse Payments is now available to all customers with amazing terms.

  • A flat rate of 2.9% for ALL transactions (swiped or keyed in)
  • No contracts
  • No monthly fees
  • No minimums
  • No termination fees

With FieldPulse Payments, you can please customers with simple, frictionless payments while managing your cash flow more carefully. Capture payments onsite or when emailing invoices.

Before releasing the new payments offering, a number of customers had early access to test the system. The response was incredible – customers were pleased with the simple sign up process, the seamless integration with FieldPulse, the great rates, and the speed of receiving payments. One customer recently shared with us: “I think the customers like it more…. We’ve also been using the invoicing a lot more since we’re taking payments here on FP [FieldPulse]. It makes office work a lot easier too. On my end, I’m loving it. ”

FieldPulse Payments offers a low rate of 2.9% for ALL transactions, whether keyed in, captured using the in-app photo feature, or swiped using the available dongle. While most providers charge a higher rate for non-swiped transactions, the team at FieldPulse was intent on keeping pricing low and transparent. Unlike some standalone payment apps, there’s no need to use unreliable swiper / dongles to get the best rate.

To get started with FieldPulse Payments, reach out to the team via chat (on the website or in the app). Alternatively, contact the Customer Success team by email at [email protected] or by phone at 855.981.7900.

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